Having completed a major campaign of conservation works in areas of the archaeological site at risk in the period 2005-2008, the Herculaneum Conservation Project team is finally able to dedicate time to longer-term questions that vary from management and maintenance strategies for the site in the future to how to enhance and share project results to ensure they reach a wide audience and maybe lead to improvements in conservation practice for other sites in the future.
The promotion of knowledge about the archaeological site and the publication of material on the excavation and conservation activities is an important objective of the Herculaneum Conservation Project. This area of the website gathers together existing resources making them immediately available for the public, while we work towards the publication of other material in the near future. Indeed, there are plans for a series of papers based on the data and results that project activities are continually generating, as well as for a set of more substantial monographs on those topics that the project has explored in more depth. As these publications become available, more information will be given here about how to obtain them.
If you require specific information on the conservation activities that you do not see here, please contact the project at hcp@herculaneum.org.